Services Personal Services We provide counseling for: mental health issues such as depression and anxiety  life transitions  coping with medical issues  both anger and stress management  divorce recovery  trauma and abuse  PTSD  Family Services  We have experience with: Marriage and family counseling  Parenting  Pre-placement adoption home studies  Post-placement adoption evaluations  Guardian ad Litem services  Business Services Northwest Counseling Solutions focuses on building solutions that meet the needs of both business and their  employees: Employee Assistance Programs  Workplace consulting  Critical Incident Debriefing  Workplace stress reduction  Conflict resolution  Workplace communication skills  Many workshops that may be tailored to your needs  Professional Services   As Licensed Independent Clinical Social Workers, we are enjoy providing:   Supervision for state and national licensure  Clinical consultations for the treatment and management of mental health issues  Workshops – both clinical and professional  Guardian ad Litem   We meet the state requirements to serve the Courts as Guardian ad Litems.  It is the responsibility of the GAL  to investigate the situation and make recommendations to the Court based upon the best interest of the  child(ren).  Mediation   Mediation is a process of assisting people to resolve their own disputes.  A neutral, trained mediator offers  parties the opportunity to determine their own solutions in a safe, voluntary and confidential setting.  Mediation  is more cost effective and faster than going to court.  If provides the opportunity to have more control over the  final decision.